Green Construction

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Everywhere throughout Ohio, the Midwest and the Nation, government officials, developers/owners and contractors are promoting environmentally friendly buildings as the standard, not the exception.


For the Insulation Professionals of Ohio and the insulation construction industry, green construction has been the standard for over 100 years!


The Insulation Professionals of Ohio ARE PREPARED TO ENSURE INSULATION CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS ARE LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) CERTIFIED, based on the LEED ecology-oriented building certification program run under the U.S. Green Building Council.


IPO member contractors and their workforce understand what it takes to create a sustainable environment …


The adequate and proper design, installation and thickness of insulation on all mechanical systems, such as hot water heating pipes and air ducts, dramatically reduces energy consumption and allows for more efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.


For example, if a simple valve is properly insulated with 2-inches of insulation, the results are immediate. Within a year, that building would save:


An Insulation Energy Audit of your facility can help protect the environment. Contact the Insulation Professionals of Ohio today!