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Commercial and Industrial Facilities Owners: A professional Insulation Energy Audit lets you know if your structure is properly insulated.


The Insulation Professionals of Ohio provide trained insulation professionals, using the latest thermal cameras, heat guns and computer software, to offer you a FREE Insulation Energy Audit that can detect the insulation needs for your facility and its mechanical systems. Using this data, we will provide you with the best assessment for insulation.


North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) 3E Plus software allows users to easily calculate heat losses and to determine surface temperatures on hot and cold piping and equipment. For more information, visit the NAIMA 3E Plus web site at


Make sure YOUR plant or facility
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In addition to ensuring comfort control within your plant or facility, insulation can also serve as a protective barrier and improve indoor air quality - and adequate insulation can cut energy usage up to 50% or more, saving you money!


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